New Access Road - Naming Consultation

The first phase of construction on the new access road onto Dunsfold Park commenced in October 2022. The road is anticipated to open in April 2023 and will require a new name. Currently referred to as ‘The Overshoot’, because it has historically been the overshoot for any aircraft landing or taking off, the new road name is an opportunity to celebrate a new chapter in the site’s history. We are seeking your ideas and feedback on what you think we should call the new access road.

Consultation Part 1 - NOW CLOSED

Part 1 of the consultation will gather all your name ideas. We have put together information which you may find useful when considering names. The history of the site, its present day activities and its future. Please click here to download.

Ideas can be submitted online via our consultation form or by emailing

Part 1 will run online between 19 December 2022 and 6 January 2023.

Consultation Part 2

All names received during Part 1 will be reviewed and a shortlist put together for Part 2 of the consultation.

You will be able to vote online for your favourite name in early February. Three names will then be submitted to Waverley Borough Council for approval. Waverley will then have one month to consider the proposed name.


Things to consider when thinking of names:

  • Should the name encompass the name of a person with historical significance to the aerodrome?
  • Would incorporating the name of a plane be appropriate?
  • Should the name commemorate the nations that were based here?
  • What era should the name reflect?
  • Should it be a modern name celebrating the new future?
  • How will the name reflect the character of the area?
  • Should the name reflect the geography of the area?


Waverley Borough Council has a Street Naming and Property Numbering Policy with guidelines which should be considered when putting forward name suggestions. To read the full set of guidelines please click here.

Names should try to avoid duplicating any similar name already in use in the borough or neighbouring boroughs. A variation in the terminal word, eg, "street", "road", "avenue", will not be accepted as sufficient reason to duplicate a name (for instance a request for St Mary’s Close, off an existing St Mary’s Way).

Street names should not be difficult to pronounce or awkward to spell. Names that are offensive or names capable of deliberate misinterpretation must be avoided.

The Council encourages and gives preference to names, which reflect the historical significance of the site.

Have Your Say!

Survey closed on 6 January 2023.


New Access Road Time Lapse Footage December 2022