Public and community engagement has been an important component of the masterplan’s evolution. It is essential to developing strong community relationships which foster community spirit and a sense of ownership of the new village.

We will continue to listen and react to community views as part of testing and refining our proposals.

Whilst planning consent was achieved for outline consent in 2018, there is still considerable work to be done to bring the new village forward, as we move through the detailed design stages.

The next phase of consultation will be largely shaped by Waverley Borough Council's Adopted Local Plan Part 1: Strategic Policies and Sites. Dunsfold Aerodrome has its own specific policies, SS7 and SS7a within the document which outline how the development should create a high quality, mixed use community. It will have its own identity, with a range of community facilities and services, appropriate to a settlement of this size. The development should fully recognise the significance of the heritage value of the site and conserve the site’s heritage assets in a manor appropriate to their significance.

Overall the Masterplan will need to demonstrate how it will deliver a quality place where residents choose to live, which is attractive to employers and employees, together with the visitors who choose to come to Dunsfold Aerodrome to enjoy a range of retail and leisure activities. The Masterplan will deliver:

  • A village that has a distinct local character
  • Safe, connected and efficient streets
  • A significant network of greenspaces and public places
  • A secure environment
  • A choice of access and inclusive communities
  • An efficient use of natural resources
  • Cohesive and vibrant neighbourhoods

To read the complete policies on Dunsfold Aerodrome please click here.

Information on consultation opportunities will be widely communicated, however, if you would like to be kept up to date then please complete the registration form by clicking here.

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