Status of the plans

In March 2018 the Secretary of State for Housing Communities and Local Government granted outline planning permission for a new Surrey village of 1,800 homes to be created at Dunsfold Park. This permission is based on an illustrative masterplan with scope for further design development.

In the previous month, Waverley Borough Council’s Local Plan was approved, including an allocation of 2,600 homes at Dunsfold Park.

In June 2019 central government awarded Waverley Garden Village status for Dunsfold Park.

These decisions follow 15 years of planning and advocacy by the applicants, and extensive engagement with Waverley, the local community and other stakeholders.

The principle of developing 1,800 homes, and related community and technical infrastructure, is therefore established. Potential expansion to 2,600 homes is also identified in local planning policy, albeit this will require a future planning application and related consultation.

Consented Masterplan Outline - A Summary

Dunsfold Park will be a new Surrey village, offering a new concept in sustainable rural living. Development at Dunsfold Park provides an opportunity to deliver a truly mixed-use community, not just a ‘dormitory suburb’.

The existing planning permission is supported by an illustrative masterplan, which identifies the general arrangement of the new settlement, including location of the access points and roads, open spaces and built areas for housing and other uses. Here are some of the main features:

  • 1,800 new homes.
  • Market Square with shops and services, including a wellness centre.
  • Education hub with two schools, nursery and community centre.
  • Waverley’s largest business park further upgraded and expanded to provide over 2,000 jobs.
  • Runway Park celebrating Dunsfold Park’s aviation history.
  • Village centre with an intricate network of pedestrian streets and lanes.
  • The Brook, a tree-lined avenue and stream curving around the village centre.
  • Outlying residential neighbourhoods shaped like petals, with larger houses and gardens.
  • Variety of distinctive places, each with its own character.
  • Country park with space for nature, play, sport and general recreation.

To view the exhibition brochure from the November 2019 exhibition and consultation please click here.

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