We propose to redevelop the aerodrome and grow the business park to create a new sustainable Surrey village of some 1,800 homes. Our vision is to:

  • Create a balanced community by providing new jobs on-site and affordable homes for the wider workforce and community
  • Promote the sustainable social and economic development of the wider area
  • Minimise the environmental footprint of the village by incorporating and delivering innovative designs, technologies and practices for energy, transport, waste and construction
  • Create a diverse mix of housing, responding to an acute local shortage of open market, affordable and starter homes
  • Build housing that fits into its Surrey location and also performs to high environmental standards
  • Enhance the natural qualities of the site, which sits adjacent to very important landscape features.

By transforming the entire Dunsfold Park site we have the opportunity to create an attractive, pedestrian-friendly place to live and work, set within significant areas of public open space and with facilities for recreation, shopping and leisure.

The masterplan includes:

  • A Market Square where all key routes converge and commercial & community facilities are concentrated
  • A ‘Runway Park’ on the site of the existing main runway, serving as a modern-day village green and multi-use park
  • A Central Avenue curving around the village centre, alongside a ‘moat’ crossed by a series of bridges
  • An education hub connecting the village with the existing business park
  • A basin with narrow-boat moorings on the Wey and Arun Canal, marking the main entrance to the village
  • A substantial country park surrounding the village

We also intend to expand the business park, adding over 30,000 square metres to the existing employment space. This will help to meet an increased demand for high-quality employment space, benefiting companies seeking to expand or relocate within Waverley and ensuring job retention and growth within the borough.

the masterplan