19 Nov 2015

Green energy powers Business Park

Solar power is a fantastic source of renewable energy. Sunlight is free, not owned by anyone and will not run out for millions of years.

As the largest business site in Waverley, it makes sense for us to harness that energy and, in September 2011, Dunsfold Park became the first business park in Surrey to be powered principally by ‘green energy'.

We installed 8,500 ground level solar panels in a discreet south facing location on the aerodrome, perfectly orientated to make the most of the natural light. The solar panels make it possible for the electricity generated during working hours to be used by the businesses at Dunsfold Park and, at weekends and times of high supply, for the excess energy to be fed back into the National Grid. The capacity of the system is two megawatts; sufficient energy to supply approximately 670 households. In our case it supplies power to 100 tenants based on the aerodrome.

Every unit of solar energy offsets the need to pay for fossil fuels from places like Russia or Qatar, and helps tackle climate change. It is also very cost effective; we can produce energy more cheaply than the National Grid and this helps make Dunsfold Park a great location for businesses to base themselves.

The solar farm at Dunsfold Park makes efficient use of land that was not otherwise productive, and perfectly complements our sustainable ambitions which also includes plans for an anaerobic digestion plant.