What Next?

Dunsfold Park’s evolution will be accelerated compared with a historic village, but it will still take over 10 years to reach its planned completion and will grow organically, adapting to changing circumstances and the needs and aspirations of the expanding community. At each stage it needs to feel like a complete and balanced place.

The timeline shows our estimated programme for starting to deliver the new village at Dunsfold Park. These are some of the main stages:

Planning application for the masterplan
We will make a formal planning application for approval of the masterplan design: this is required as a condition of the outline planning permission. The application will be based on what you see here, your feedback and further ideas.

New access
Construction of the new access road and roundabout on the A281 began in October 2022 and is expected to finish in early spring. The existing alignment will remain in use throughout to minimise disruption.

Design Code
In order to set design parameters we will be producing a Design Code within which housebuilders will need to operate. This will set the standard for future development of the various residential neighbourhoods, making sure that each contributes to achieving the vision.

First homes
We will select leading regional and national developers, using first-class design teams, to build the new homes and residential neighbourhoods. Our Design Code will control the quality and ensure that we achieve ‘harmonious diversity’. Reserved matters applications will be subject to further consultation.

Market Square, Runway Park and Country Park
We will deliver the ‘community infrastructure’ in phases, alongside the roads, pipes and cables. Our aim is to ensure that residents can enjoy access to as many of the first community facilities and amenity areas as possible.