Village Layout

The key principles behind the village layout are:

  • To establish a thriving centre at its heart
  • To emphasise the distinctiveness of different places and neighbourhoods
  • To enhance and make best use of the village’s outstanding landscape setting.

Homes are arranged in a network of traditional streets, pedestrian lanes and mews courtyards, with green spaces and street planting providing a strong landscape pattern throughout the village.

The village centre

Focused on the Market Square, the centre of the village will have all the services and facilities you would expect from a mature settlement: schools, health and community centres, shops and eateries.

Central neighbourhoods

The area south of the Market Square and contained by the Central Avenue is a higher density zone of 2-3 storey terraced houses and flats, set on an intricate network of streets and squares. It is envisaged that these neighbourhoods would be predominantly car-free but with controlled access for servicing, drop-off and emergency vehicles.

Outer neighbourhoods

Outside the Central Avenue there will be lower density neighbourhoods, grouped around the main routes leading to the Market Square and separated by ‘green wedges’ of landscape. These neighbourhoods will offer a wide mix of family homes, including larger family houses with garages.

Dunsfold Park Artists impression of an outer neighbourhood