Transport and Connections

We aim to make Dunsfold Park a sustainable community from a transport perspective. This means enabling people to do many of their day-to-day activities within the village, including work, shopping and going to school.

Where people do have to travel outside the village we wish to give them the choice of using sustainable means of travel.

Movement and connections

The entire village is within ten minutes’ walk of the Market Square. The key design principles from a transport perspective are:

  • To create a legible, enjoyable and convenient choice of routes into and around the village
  • To encourage walking, cycling and use of bus services, and make internal car use unnecessary
  • To create an integrated working and living environment.
  • The main access to the new village will be via a new access road from the A281.

Public transport

We will provide a high-quality bus system to link Dunsfold Park with the surrounding towns, villages and railway stations. Funding will be put in place to ensure these services are provided for the long term. Where feasible, we will improve footpaths and cycle routes to provide links to nearby communities and facilities, including the Downs Link.

Sustainable travel measures

There will also be a number of other sustainable travel measures, such as the introduction of a car club and car share schemes, high-quality cycle routes and parking within the village, and a site-wide Travel Plan to promote sustainable travel choices to residents and employees.

Improvements to the wider area

Traffic counts undertaken over the last 15 years show that there has been little or no growth in traffic on the A281 between Alfold and Shalford during the period 2000 to 2015. Nevertheless, to mitigate our impact and provide general improvements in the wider area we propose the following off-site highway works:

  • Modifications to the A281 / Kings Road and A281 / Broadford Road junctions in Shalford
  • Modifications to the A281 / Station Road / Snowdenham Lane junction in Bramley
  • Modifications to the A281 / Barrihurst Lane junction
  • Modifications to the A281 / Elmbridge Road junction
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