The Evolving Masterplan

A Summary of Changes

The masterplan for the new village has been evolving since the grant of outline planning permission in 2018. We have been exploring in more detail our vision for Dunsfold Park, and the content and layout of the new settlement. We have been engaging with Waverley and with the council’s independent design advisors Design South East.

There have been some important changes to the original masterplan:

  • The main access on the A281 has moved, so that it lines up with the main runway and provides a more direct route into both the business park and the new residential village. This is an opportunity, made possible by Dunsfold Park’s recent purchase of land to the east of the previous site boundary, to create a grand entrance to the site. The previous access point was further south, less direct and required a new crossing over the canal. Planning permission for this stand-alone application was secured in October 2019.
  • In April 2019 Gordon Murray Design obtained planning approval for a new headquarters and automotive research & development campus at Dunsfold Park, which will expand the business park towards the new access road. This is a great example of the kind of advanced engineering business we plan to attract to Dunsfold Park.
  • The aerodrome perimeter track (peri-track) is a five-kilometre road, built to service the runways. We now propose to retain the whole of this loop and transform it into a recreational route for running, cycling and offering the opportunity for events.
  • The Market Square has moved right up on to the line of Runway Park, strengthening its connections with the business park and the new main access. We are thinking about building an aviation museum on one side of the square.
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