Promoting Jobs Alongside Homes

Who will work at Dunsfold Park?

Dunsfold Park will be a truly mixed use community, not just a dormitory or housing estate. Its 1,800 homes will be integrated with Waverley’s largest employment centre, which already supports around 100 businesses and over 1,000 jobs, with potential for over 2,000. In April 2019 Gordon Murray Design (GMD) secured a resolution to grant planning permission for a new headquarters and research & development campus on a prominent site at Dunsfold Park near the proposed new entrance.

Enabling a live-work balance
People will be able to live and work at Dunsfold Park, avoiding the time and stress of commuting and using the time saved to enhance productivity and lifestyle.

Generating local employment
A programme of improvement, replacement and expansion will significantly increase the capacity and quality of the business park, building on the recent success of the Simpson buildings. New businesses and jobs will also be created in the village centre.

Encouraging enterprise and innovation through clustering
It is our intention to continue the tradition of high-tech businesses locating themselves at Dunsfold Park. Gordon Murray Design will be first in continuing this expansion.

Provision for home-working and business support
Superfast broadband will facilitate homeworking. The village centre business hub will provide support services for homeworkers and for small businesses renting managed workspace in the centre.

Growing a working population to enjoy and support village facilities
The working population will benefit from the village centre facilities and their custom will enable a better range and quality of services than could be supported by a residential settlement alone.