Landscape and Open Space

The provision of new high-quality public open space is at the heart of our proposals.

A series of new landscaped spaces will offer extensive recreational opportunities for the new village and the wider area. This rich new landscape will enhance wildlife and integrate the village into its surrounding landscape context.

86% of Dunsfold Park is currently brownfield land, with the site inaccessible to the general public. Under our proposals a significant amount of the site will remain undeveloped, with the new village set in hundreds of acres of new parkland and green space.

Main landscape features

New publicly-accessible open space will surround the village, with areas of recreational green space and wildlife habitats extending deep into the village itself, focusing in on the Market Square and the formally designed linear park along the length of the former runway.

The new open space will include a large country park, providing for formal sports and informal games and play areas and paths for walking, running and cycling. The country park will be designed and managed to encourage wildlife, with existing woodland, fragments of hedgerow and trees preserved and new woodland and meadows created.

dunfold park masterplan landscape img1

Landscape strategy

The key principles behind the design of the landscaped areas are:

  • To reserve a significant percentage of the site for open space and amenity areas
  • To place the new village in a landscaped parkland setting, enhancing views both from and towards the village
  • To bring all parts of the village within easy walking distance of a park
  • To provide a wide variety of open spaces both within and surrounding the village, incorporating both structured and informal play / sports areas
  • To provide a fully accessible extended footpath and cycleway network through the village and surrounding landscape, connecting with existing routes
  • To conserve existing woodlands, hedgerows, trees and other habitats, and to enhance biodiversity and landscape character
  • To use water to create visual design features, to benefit wildlife, and as a practical component in the sustainable drainage system.

dunfold park masterplan landscape img2

Landscape Drainage Strategy

Drawing on Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) the village will incorporate such features as rills, permeable paving, streams, swales and lakes. These will enhance the existing landscape, be visually appealing, offer new opportunities for wildlife and help to manage and recycle water.

Excess water will, under suitable controls, flow into the Wey and Arun Canal, contributing to its restoration as a navigable waterway.

Views and Vistas

The proposed landscape will closely resemble the surrounding countryside. Structural planting will be used to provide visual screening and the restoration of former field patterns will help to integrate the new country park with the surrounding landscape. This will also help to minimise the impact on elevated views, such as those from Hascombe Hill.

Planting will also frame and enhance views within the village, most notably through the creation of formal vistas, such as those along the Runway Park.