Beautiful Modern Homes Inspired by their Context

How will we achieve holistic design quality from masterplan through to detail?

Beautiful and sustainable places must work at every level: from the layout of the streets to the colours of the front doors, and everything in between. At this stage we are seeking your feedback on the overall concept and layout of the village and its parkland. Consultation on the design of new buildings, including their appearance, will come later as each phase is brought forward. We will prepare a design code to guide the creation of the village centre and residential neighbourhoods and ensure that the various development partners and their design teams collaborate to set and maintain the highest attainable standards.

Modern homes for modern lifestyles using modern technologies
New homes at Dunsfold Park will be spacious, adaptable and full of light, with large windows providing views to the garden and street. Smart technologies will enhance comfort and convenience for the consumer and innovative construction techniques will ensure quality and energy efficiency.

Material, colour and texture reflecting Surrey’s architectural traditions
Modern homes can be clothed in familiar and beautiful materials: brick, tile, render and timber.

‘Harmonious diversity’ creating distinctive neighbourhoods
Each residential neighbourhood will have a distinctive character derived from the particular context and combination of homes. Individual housebuilders and design teams will add their signatures, working together to achieve ‘harmonious diversity’.

Placemaking through creative integration of homes with their setting
Each group of homes will be designed to suit its position in the village: from small clusters of apartment blocks in the centre to large family houses overlooking the parkland. Streets and open spaces are given character by the homes which enclose them and the detailing of hard and soft landscape.