A Walkable Place

How will people move about within Dunsfold Park?

The consented proposals encourage sustainable movement and travel - walking, cycling and public transport. The new village is designed to make it easy and pleasurable to walk or cycle everywhere within and between the residential village, business park and country park. Roads will be calmed and landscaped, offering a safe and enjoyable environment for people – streets not highways.

The main routes will be tree-lined avenues with green verges and broad cycle and footways. Residential streets will prioritise pedestrians and cyclists. The main access point to Dunsfold Park will be from the A281 to the east, with business park traffic bypassing the village centre and residential neighbourhoods. A package of off-site highway improvements and local bus services will reduce the impact on the highway network.

Market place and country park easily walkable from every home and business
Every part of the village and business park will be within approx. 10 minutes’ walk of the centre and approx. 5 minutes from the country park.

Attractive and convenient network of streets, scaled for people
Within the residential neighbourhoods, streets will have shared surfaces, with people taking priority over vehicles and restricted through traffic.

Pedestrianised village centre
At the heart of the village, streets will be largely car-free apart from essential access and servicing.

Streets and public spaces which encourage a sociable community
Streets will be safe, green and beautiful, encouraging people to linger and chat to neighbours.

Recreational routes for exercise and strolling
Streets will offer convenient direct routes for those in a hurry and meandering routes for leisurely recreation.

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