A Parkland Setting

Who will get to enjoy the landscape at Dunsfold Park?

Dunsfold Park enjoys an outstanding rural setting, but at present ‘Surrey’s most secret airfield’ is inaccessible to the public and largely hidden from view. This will all change with the dedication of over 200 acres of open space for a country park for the enjoyment of residents, businesses and the neighbouring villages. The variety and extent of open spaces offer multiple benefits: for biodiversity and natural landscape; for sport and recreation; for water management and food production.

Outstanding country park to benefit residents, workers and the wider community
The country park surrounds the village and integrates the existing wooded landscape around the perimeter of the aerodrome. It will become an outstanding place for recreation, sport and leisure, as well as a haven for wildlife.

Enhanced landscape with a net biodiversity gain
Native meadows, trees, hedgerows and new wetlands will complement the existing ecology, provide new habitats for birds, bats and reptiles, and protect areas of highest ecological value.

Stewardship of the landscape and public realm in perpetuity
We intend to set up a Community Land Trust to manage and maintain the open spaces for the benefit of the community.

Greenery extended throughout the village streets, gardens and open spaces
Green fingers of parkland extend between the residential neighbourhoods and into the village centre. Street-trees, shared and private gardens endorse the award of Garden Village status.

Integrated natural water management features
We plan to design a series of streams, swales and lakes which will enhance the landscape beauty of the site and help to manage and recycle water. Excess rainwater will flow into the Wey & Arun Canal, providing much needed water at its summit.

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