A Healthy Place to Live and Work

How will living at Dunsfold Park promote a healthy lifestyle?

Dunsfold Park will be designed to be a healthy place. All the elements of the ten-point vision combine to promote a happy, stable and inclusive community, with consequent benefits for physical and mental health. The integration of spaces for living and working, sport, play and formal health care all contribute to a balanced lifestyle. Walking and cycling within a green environment make healthy living a natural part of the Dunsfold Park experience.

Space for sport, play, recreation and leisure
The country park and village green offer sports and play facilities for all ages, as well as space for general recreation or just walking the dog: football and cricket pitches, ‘events bowl’, tennis and multi-use ball courts, equipped play areas for different age groups.

Encouraging active lifestyles through walking and cycling
Walking and cycling will be the normal way to get around Dunsfold Park. In addition, the country park incorporates the 5km airfield perimeter track (‘peritrack’), which will become a recreational route for runners, cyclists and other leisure pursuits.

Space for community food production and consumption
The green fingers of parkland between the residential neighbourhood ‘petals’ could contain allotments and community orchards. Produce from these could be distributed through the farmers’ market in the village centre.

Health care through formal services and a balanced sociable lifestyle
The proposed wellness centre next to Market Square would support the holistic vision of promoting health and wellbeing. This will be through the overall lifestyle offered to those who live and work at Dunsfold Park and those from the wider community who visit the country park and village centre.

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